Creative Team

Performers & collaborators:

Heather Lawson and Michelle Stevens

Installation Concept and Director:

Jodee Mundy

Installation Co-director:

David Pidd

Set, Lighting & Visual Design:

Jen Hector

Composition & Sound Design:

Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey

Director of Photography:

Tom Chapman

Technical Manager:

Taran Ablitt

Installation Tactile Guides:

Michael Katzakis, Mikaela Parker, Cindy- Lu Bailey, Stevie-Lee Bounader, Gloria Stead & Janelle Wallan

Installation Guides Coordinator:

Sofya Gollan

Audio Description:

Jodee Mundy

Technical Operators:

Tim Seconi & Nathalie Devilliers

Performance & Awards history

Recipient of Green Room Award

Innovation in Experiential Performance 2016

Premiered at Sydney Festival, CarriageWorks

10th-15th of January 2017

Spill Festival of Performance

Dance East, Ipswich 1st No-5th November 2019

Barbican Centre London

7th Nov- 11th November 2019

Partners & Support

Sydney Festival Installation Partners:  Accessible Arts NSW, Able Australia, The Deaf Society and Arts Access Victoria. Imagined Touch Installation was commissioned by Sydney Festival and funded by Ministry for the Arts