Creative Team

Performers, Collaborators & Consultants:

Heather Lawson & Michelle Stevens

Auslan Tactile Interpreters & Performers:

Mark Sandon, Georgia Knight, Marc Ethan, Dennis Witcombe, Chris Dunn, David Pidd, Shane Mundy

Artistic Director:

Jodee Mundy

Set, Light & Visual Design:

Jenny Hector

Composition, Sound Design and Musical Direction:

Madeleine Flynn & Tim Humphrey

Stage Manager Jo Leishman:

Assistant Stage Manager

Mia Donnet Jones:

Technical Manager Taran Ablitt

Production Manager:

Jenny Hector

Deafblind communications Consultant:

Dennis Witcombe​


Stacey Baldwin

Performance & Awards history

Recipient of the Green Room Award

Innovation in Experiential Theatre 2016

Premiered at Arts House, Melbourne

7th-11th September 2016

Sydney Festival, CarriageWorks